Thursday, March 25, 2010

Graham-Leary Wedding Debordieu Colony

I think there is a recurring "theme" about weddings that after 12+ years shooting them, I have finally realized...It is simple really...we hear it from priests, preachers, justice of the is in about every ceremony we go to...the word "JOINING".

I know we all put the pressure on the actual wedding day...the flowers, the location, the dress, the colors, (even the photography!)...but it is really all about that ONE word, "JOINING"...

Jill and I were lucky to again witness the "JOINING" of two WONDERFUL people on March 13, 2010 at the timeless Debordieu Colony in Georgetown, SC. Ramona Graham and Deron Leary allowed us to "JOIN" in their celebration as they "JOINED" their lives and families together under the moss-drenched oaks in the back of the golf club.

Below are a few of our favorite shots from the day...

Even Ramona's shoes resembled the "JOINING" of two hearts!

I know I said this before, but I am TRULY getting more emotional as the years go on, and I had to again fight back the tears SEVERAL times during this day. Ramona's daughter and Deron's twin daughter and son were an intricate part of the day and even the ceremony itself. You know me...anytime kids are involved, the tears begin to roll! What a sweet time for both families as they witnessed them around the "unity cross" that Ramona and Deron assembled during the ceremony...

And speaking of sweet...they had my FAVORITE thing at a wedding...a SWEETS TABLE where you create your own bag full of goodies to take home with you as your favor!

We want to congratulate Ramona and Deron on the "JOINING" of two hearts, two lives and two families...

Lisa and Jill

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Julie + Bill

While home this past weekend I was able to spend a few minutes shooting a very fun engagement session. Fun because it was in one of my favorite parks in the town where my mom and dad grew up, and fun because the subjects are family! (or at least Bill WILL be soon!)

I was never blessed to have an older sister, but my "Aunt Julie" was the next best thing! We are only 4 years apart so she played the role well...always bossing me around, intimidating me and making me feel insignificant in the world...JUST KIDDING!

She was my IDOL! I wanted to do EVERYTHING she did!

She cheered in Middle School so I cheered in Middle School...She played the flute so I had to play the flute...she was a majorette in High School so of course, I had to be a majorette too! (Don't make fun...Majorettes are COOL up North! HA!)

She helped me become the person I am today...outgoing, fun, neurotic and spastic...HA HA! and I am so excited that I get to return the favor by shooting her wedding this Summer to her soul-mate, Bill.

Congrats you two!

Love you!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Another one of my Sweet Nieces!

I was blessed to be able to spend a little (and I mean a LITTLE) time with my family this past weekend...

Even though it was a very quick trip up north, I was able to spend a few hours with my niece (and god-daughter) Isabella and snap a few pics of her! She just turned 6 months and I had to share with all of you her sweet open-mouthed smile!



The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town!

Last week a few friends invited Lydia, Lily and Tripp to Millgrove Farms to see the "Easter Bunny" and tell him what we wanted for Easter!

We had a blast! Thanks to everyone there who helped us entertain the kids and to Faye and Neisha Hickson who set it all up for us!

I am blessed to have such GREAT friends!