Sunday, February 8, 2015


Last week we were privileged to shoot Nicole and Michael's wedding, and I have to say that it was truly one of the sweetest wedding ceremonies we have ever been a part of.  

Nicole and Michael have the most amazing that you know will last the test of time!

I have known Nicole since she was 9 years old as she grew up with Craig's niece.  So taking photos of her all grown up was so serene.  (not only it made me realized how quickly time flies!)

And although, there were MANY moments that I could have easily called my "favorite," I have to say that there is one that sticks out in my mind the most...

Nicole has 5 brothers...yes, you read that right...5 Brothers!

And when she set aside a special dance to have a few moments with each of them (minus one brother that couldn't make it...), I have to admit that the tears were flowing...

I have two little brothers, and even though we have had our "trials and tribulations" growing up, I am very close to them...and to see the relationship that Nicole has with her brothers, it made me realize how special a brother/sister bond is!  (and it made me also realize that I need to call my brothers more! :))

Congratulations to Nicole and Michael!  We wish you MANY years of happiness!  

Lisa and Sommer

P.S.  Here are just a "FEW" more of our favorite moments....I guess I had a hard time picking just a "FEW"!  HA!