Tuesday, April 12, 2016


While shooting the groom and his groomsmen this past Saturday before the wedding, the guys were telling us how proficient they had just become in sewing... 

You see, Zak (the groom) had told his groomsmen that when they ordered their pants, to make sure they had suspender buttons sewn in them. 

Of course, only 1 of the 3 actually listened...so when they all arrived to get dressed, they realized that there was no way to attach the suspenders to their pants! 

Immediately they went on a frantic hunt for buttons, thread, scissors and the like... 

They were telling Sommer and me that while we were shooting the pre-ceremony pictures of the girls, the grooms room was BUSTLING with activity as they all four worked together like the mice in Cinderella, sewing on the buttons to two pairs of pants! 

They had us laughing so hard, that we told them we needed to recreate that scene so that moment would forever be captured in photographs! 

 Hence, our "Favorite Wedding Moment"...the recreation of the men learning how to sew! 

CONGRATULATIONS to Pamela and Zak as they start their journey together as husband and wife!

(and a special congrats to Pamela...who now has a husband who can sew!) 

P.S. Here are a FEW more of our Favorite moments from Pamela and Zak's amazing day!