Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Favorite Wedding Moment - Abby + Bryan

When I got married to my wonderful husband, Craig, we thought it was a GREAT idea to have our wedding date engraved inside of each of our rings... 

That way, if either of us "accidentally forgot" the date of our anniversary, there would be NO EXCUSE, as it was FOREVER on the ring we wear! 

Abby and Bryan had even a BETTER idea! 

They took each others ring and had a "surprise" engraving done! 

During the ceremony, when Bryan went to put Abby's ring on her finger, she slipped it back off to see what he had engraved:

My Wife 
My Love
My Life 

That is what she found inside... 

Wasn't that SO SWEET?!?!?

So when it was time for Abby to give Bryan his ring, you can imagine how excited he was...especially when he had something so heart-felt put in Abby's... 

So as soon as Abby repeated, "With this ring, I thee wed," Bryan slipped off the ring and started laughing hysterically! 
No one in the congregation knew what was engraved in his ring until later...and I was DYING to find out what was in that ring... 

So when I had them alone, I finally got to ask them...

And here it is: 

Happy Wife 
Happy Life! 

Dang...I am sneaking Craig's ring off of his finger when he is snoring at night and have than engraved into his ring! HA! 

So hence, my "favorite wedding moment" for this past Saturday:  Happy Wife, Happy Life! 

Congrats to Abby and Bryan! 

We wish them both MANY HAPPY DAYS together! 

Lisa and Sommer 

P.S. Enjoy a "Sneak Peak" of Abby + Bryan's amazing day!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Favorite Wedding Moment - Lane + David

My favorite moment at Saturday's wedding was one that happened AGAIN AND AGAIN throughout the night... 

Lane and David are so great together, that every time they were together, Lane giggled...I just loved to hear her giggle! 

I joke with my couples that they will need a "cheek massage" at the end of the night from smiling for me, but I have to say that after spending the day with Lane, David and their friends and family, I WAS THE ONE THAT NEEDED THE CHEEK MASSAGE! 

 It's not hard to see how contagious Lanes laugh is and it is evident that David is the one that makes her the happiest! 


We wish you MANY years of laughter together! 

Lisa and Sommer

Enjoy a few more sneak peaks from Lane and David's Day! (you can still "hear" Lane's giggle in most of these too!)