Saturday, March 14, 2015


Last weekend, Craig, Sommer and I were honored to capture this MAGNIFICENT couple's wedding... 

I have to say that I really LOVE my job...especially when we get to be a part of a "soul-mate reunion" like this one. 

Brenda and Brown used to be high school sweethearts and even though their lives took different turns, they reconnected later, only to realize that they were completely meant to be together! 

Even though I have only known Brenda for the past 10 years, I have never seen her so happy...

And even though I have only known Brown for 5 years, I can see that he absolutely ADORES Brenda! 

You can see their love for each other in many the sweet way they look at each the respect they have for each other...but most of all in the way they laugh together... 

So it was easy to pick my "favorite moment" from this it just encapsulates their relationship! I had ANOTHER favorite moment too...

Just before Adam (Brenda's son-in-law) walked her down the isle, he pulled out his phone and took the cutest "selfie" of him and Brenda! 

It just made me giggle! 

Congratulations to Brenda and Brown! 

Craig, Sommer and I wish you ALL The happiness that TRUE LOVE can bring! 


P.S. Enjoy a few more of our favorites from the day! (these gorgeous photos were made EASY by Barry West, Chad Nissen, Heidi Vukov, Ashley Hoffman, Della Ramsey and MANY others that helped to make Brenda and Brown's day so memorable!)