Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FAVORITE WEDDING MOMENT - Carla + Derek - {Atalaya Weddings}

There are often times we do weddings when the grandparents are either too elderly to travel or have passed on....

I'm lucky to still have my grandparents and my grandfather will be turning 77 this weekend, so I know how special it is to have grandparents attend the wedding.

This past Saturday, I was able to  capture a few special moments between Carla and her grandmother, so it was SUPER easy to pick my "FAVORITE MOMENT"...  when Carla's grandmother saw her for the first time, she shed tears of joy, and I knew this was a photo that would be cherished forever.

Carla and Derek also chose to have old typewriters so that their guests could type them messages!  This was another FIRST as I had never seen that at any other wedding!  And to top it off, I captured the moment when her grandparents were typing their message to the couple... How special it is to have those words of wisdom from their grandparents... 

And of course with such a beautiful couple and such a gorgeous day,  I had to post a few more! :)

Congratulations to Carla + Derek!
Sommer and Amanda

Sunday, April 21, 2013


It was hard to choose a FAVORITE MOMENT from last night's wedding...

When we are shooting weddings involving friends like Carrie and Ryan, EVERY moment is my FAVORITE!

But there was one moment, that did stick out...

Carrie lost her father just a few weeks ago, and even though he was not physically there, there was NO doubt that he was watching from above...

At "peak" moments in the day, the sunlight would sneak out from behind the clouds for just a minute, and then it was gone...

One of those moments, was when Ryan's dad, Keith, danced the father-daughter dance with his new daughter-in-law...

There was not a dry eye in the place...

And then Carrie's brothers each took turns cutting in to dance with her, and everything seemed to freeze in time...

I know Mr. Pelland would have loved to dance with his daughter last night, but I know he was smiling down through that sunlight as Keith, Chris and Chip took his place.

Congratulations to Carrie and Ryan as they start their life together!

Lisa, Brittany and Craig

And of course, I couldn't help but share a SNEAK PEAK from the whole day!



Friday, April 19, 2013

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Friday, April 12, 2013

FAVORITE WEDDING MOMENT - Catherine + Matt {Litchfield Weddings}

It was not hard to choose a favorite moment from this past Saturday's wedding...

It was something I had never seen before...

It was such a sweet moment in their ceremony when Matt pulled out his favorite engagement photo of the two of them...

And to top it off, he had written his vows on the back!  

Matt definitely gets the "Most Creative Groom" award from Young Photography!

Of course I can't just post my favorite moment when there was so many OTHER great shots!  ENJOY THIS SNEAK PEAK FROM THE DAY!

Congratulations to Catherine and Matt!

Sommer and Amanda

Matt is a big Clemson fan and Catherine is a big Steelers Fan.