Sunday, April 29, 2012

Favorite Wedding Moment - Mary Catherine + Patrick

It has been almost 14 years since I married my best friend, and last night while we watched Mary Catherine Layman and Patrick Armeen exchange vows on the lawn of the FABULOUS Dunes Club, I was reminded of our wedding day...

As I walked down the aisle in a complete haze, wondering why the aisle of Our Lady Star of the Sea was SO LONG, I gazed at Craig and saw the tears welling up in his eyes...

He cried like a baby through the whole ceremony, and I thought I would be the one to lose it. But then it happened. As I tried so hard not to cry, I began to giggle...Then I giggled harder, and couldn't stop!

And there is was...MY wedding day moment...The amazing man I was about to marry was emotional and teary eyed, and me standing there in front of all of our friends and family with a case of the uncontrollable giggles!

So why tell you all of this?

Last night, my favorite moment presented itself in much the same way...

As Mary Catherine appeared with her father at the top of the steps of the Dunes Club and floated across the lawn, Patrick's eyes welled up with tears.

Then, during the vows, the preacher repeated TWICE the line that Mary Catherine was supposed to recite, and when she finally broke her gaze on Patrick and realized it was HER turn to speak, she got the giggles!

 Thanks, MC and Patrick for having us there as you start your life together and for reminding me how Craig and I started ours!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Young Photography is taking the leap…we are in the process of purchasing property for a new studio!  In the meantime we have moved to a slightly smaller office location until the new location is ready! 

We are temporarily at 350 Hilton Road, Suite 302, MB, SC 29572 right next to Tanger outlets on hwy 17 and hwy 22!

You can still reach us at 843-497-4999,, on our Facebook page, our blog, or directly from our website!

We will let you know when our new location is complete so you can come visit us there!

Lisa and Sommer
                   The Entrance


Our "Mascot" has stayed the same...
Our View

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jen + Joe [Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer] I had a tough time picking just one "favorite moment" from this wedding...

I could have picked at least 5 more, but I limited it to just these two...


Jen and Joe had an absolutely gorgeous day which is why I picked this first "moment"...

The blue sky, green grass and tree in full bloom shows that God is definitely present in their lives together for He blessed them with this fabulous backdrop!

Now for the second "moment"...

Jen and Joe are so whimsical and fun and put so much into the designing, crafting and ordering things online to make this party a "PAR- TAY"! I thought it only appropriate to find a picture (or 3) that showed it off!

The striped straws were originally meant to be used for the old fashioned coke bottles, but they looked great in beer cans too!

The glasses were actually sunglasses that were passed out during "The Humpty Hump" on the dance floor, but Jen and Joe thought they looked better with the lenses popped out (and Sommer and I agreed!)

The yellow pillows were designed and made by Jen and were set all around the Train Depot on benches and chairs for added color and comfort for their guests, and the streamers were cut and shredded by Joe and Jen themselves!

Congratulations to Jen and Joe as they start their new life together!

Lisa and Sommer

First Communion - [Myrtle Beach Child Photographer]

It's that time of year again when the second graders from St. Andrew Catholic School (and all 2nd and 3rd graders in the Catholic faith) prepare to receive their First Communion.

I was brought up Catholic, and it just warms my heart to see these children at 7 and 8 years old have such reverence in receiving this Sacrament. What a sweet age and such a sweet ritual!

I was blessed to be asked to take Alexandra and Mason's First Communion pictures in my studio last week, and it made me realize that I never posted my own daughters' pictures from last year. (I posted them at the bottom...)

Congratulations to all of the children receiving this very important Sacrament in the coming weeks!


Jen Doig Bridal [Conway Wedding Photographer]

I have been dying to post this FABULOUSLY GORGEOUS bride...and she was married last night, so HERE SHE IS...

Breathtaking, isn't she???

And she is truly as beautiful inside as she is outside! She even thought of ME on her wedding day (which just so happened to fall on my Birthday) and brought me a very colorful cupcake and had the bridesmaids sing "Happy Bday" to me as she was getting ready for the wedding!

I am so blessed that she chose me to capture her engagement session, bridal session and wedding day, and hope that the next session will be her MATERNITY sometime soon!!! HA!


Oh yeah...she was even SO SPECTACULAR that the Ice Cream Man stopped and stared for QUITE AWHILE! LOL!

Caleb + Shelby [Myrtle Beach Engagements]

A few weeks ago, we got together with most of Craig's side of the family at my sister-in-law's beach house, and while there, I did a quick engagement session for my nephew and his fiance' at the point in Cherry Grove.

It was quite windy at 10am in the morning, but it was a gorgeous day!

I really enjoyed watching how much fun Caleb and Shelby have together. They are always giggling and laughing...young sweet! Hard to believe that Caleb was just 10 (my oldest daughter's age now...) when he did a reading at our wedding!

Congratulations to Caleb and Shelby!

"Aunt Lisa" :)