Wednesday, July 4, 2018


This past weekend, Sommer and I were privileged to capture the wedding day of Deanna and Nino! 

They were such an AMAZING couple to work with and their friends and family helped make their day SUPER FUN! 

The groomsmen were "full of personality" and the bridesmaids were some of the SWEETEST ladies we have worked with this wedding season! 

There were several funny moments through the day that I could write the hysterical stories Deanna's sister told during her toast, Nino's Grandpa, who was the BEST "Best man" we have had in a long time, the "almost first marital fight" between Deanna and Nino when she found out that Nino forgot to pick up the wedding cake, or the constant attention Sommer got when she shot pics of the groomsmen... "Hey girl Hey!" 

But the CUTEST thing was when Deanna and Nino's "babies" showed up at the end of the ceremony to join in the family photos...

(Scroll down to see their wedding attire...and you will see why Jax and Gemma's appearance was my favorite wedding moment! )

CONGRATULATIONS to Deanna and Nino!  We wish you (and your "babies") all the best!

Lisa & Sommer

P.S.  Enjoy a "FEW" more of our favorites from the day!