Friday, August 16, 2013


I have been in my kids' faces with a camera since they were born, and now that they are older, they just "tolerate" me once in awhile...

I constantly have to try to sneak up on them to get a candid shot, so I have TONS of practice!!

I put my "expertise" to practice this past Saturday with this little ring bearer...

He was so cute, but every time the camera went up to my face, his hand went up to cover his!

But when Elizabeth got in her dress, even HE couldn't keep his eyes off her, and BAM! I got him!

( favorite moment from Saturday's wedding...The ring bearer "gawking" at this GORGEOUS BRIDE and me being able to catch it!)

CONGRATULATIONS to Elizabeth and Keith!

Lisa and Sommer

P. S. Hope you enjoy a sneak peak of a few of our favorites...