Sunday, October 29, 2017


I just love a wedding where families get together and do crazy things at a wedding!  

And Merritt and Bradley's family did not disappoint!

Merritt and Bradley thought we were taking the typical "giant group" picture after the ceremony...

But this was no ordinary group shot...  


When I had the attention of the bride and groom, the entire group put on clown noses and glasses to add to the shot!

Merritt and Bradley had NO IDEA!!!

Until I told them to turn around and wave at their guests!!!! 

Their reaction was priceless!!

And as you can see, they really enjoyed the props!


 But if you know me...sometimes I can't find just ONE Favorite moment...

So later while we were taking pictures, Bradley caught someone out of the corner of his eye....

And before we knew it, an old women just "sashayed" through the lawn, TOTALLY unaware that we were taking pictures!  

I was so shocked that she didn't even acknowledge us!

I guess anything can happen at the Dunes Club! HA!


Lisa, Lily and Amy 

P.S. Here are a "few" more of our favorites from the night! 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Elena is 1

I am going to miss seeing this sweet family every few months. Happy 1st birthday Elena!