Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amy & Robert

I know I'm a little late but I just had to post a few of these gorgeous images. Congrats to this awesome couple!

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Over my 15+ years shooting weddings, there are a few things that I have become a little "quirky" about...

One of those things that REALLY drives me crazy, is when I line up the groomsmen for their photo, and they all INSTANTLY become a "wrestling team"...

You know the stance...

All in a line, facing their bodies directly square to the camera, hands clasped in front of their...well you know...and necks stretched out, heads tilted up like they are trying to show me their nose hairs! 

I just can't STAND to see groomsmen looking like that! 

I always joke with my bridal parties that I don't want them to be a wrestling team... I want them to look "GQ" and all that takes is to take the "grabbing hands" and stick them in their pockets.

It sounds like an easy concept, right??? 

But since guys have been conditioned since their elementary sport days to clasp their hands at their "fronts", I have to CONSTANTLY remind them on every pose to STICK THOSE HANDS IN THEIR POCKETS! :) my favorite moment from last weekend's wedding... 

The groom's dad was one of those guys who caught on very quickly and would stick his hands in his pockets on every shot! 

I praised him for it on every photo we took, and it became a fun little interaction between us that "dad knows how to look GQ!"

So when we entered into the reception and the dancing began, I was working my way around the dance floor and caught the groom's parents dancing. 

But then...the groom's dad caught a glimpse of me, and decided to pose the "correct" way for his photo... 

 You got to love fun parents like this! 

CONGRATULATIONS to Liz and Will and thank you to the McCutchens, the Farlows and all of their friends and family for making it such a FUN NIGHT! 

Lisa and Craig 

P.S. Enjoy a few more of my favorite images from Liz and Will's big day!