Friday, March 10, 2017


Not very often can I get Craig to shoot a wedding with me. 

But when I do, he always reminds me of one of the MANY reasons why I love him so much. 

He has a way with people like no one else I know. 

I just love to watch him interact with the moms, dads, grandmas, groomsmen, bridesmaids, etc., but MOSTLY with the young children that are the flower girls and ring bearers. 

He has so much patience and they immediately warm up to him.  They trust him.  It's like they sense that he is a firefighter and just feel safe when he is there. 

Hence my first FAVORITE MOMENT from our latest wedding...Craig using his SWEET CHARM to get the flower girl to stand in the photo with the bride and bridesmaids! :)  (TRUTH BE KNOWN, I THINK HE WAS SHOWING HER A BUG! HA!)

But I have a SECOND FAVORITE MOMENT from Jacqueline and Brad's wedding... 

Brad is a HUGE South Carolina fan and his bride surprised him with a cameo appearance by the gamecock's mascot himself, COCKY! 

But it wasn't just that Cocky photo-bombed the garter toss.... 

Or that he danced with the bridesmaids and flower girl....

It was when Cocky grabbed Brad's mom, kissed her, and coaxed her onto the dance floor!


I want to thank Jacqueline and Brad for having us as part of their amazing day and wish them MANY MANY years of marital BLISS!


Love, Lisa and Craig

P.S.  Here are a FEW more of our Favorite Moments!