Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newman-DeLisle Wedding The Hilton Myrtle Beach, SC - Oct. 4, 2008

On October 4, 2008 Liz Roberts and I shot a VERY sweet beach wedding at the Hilton on the ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC. Beth Newman and Evan Delisle wed at 6pm as the sun was setting on a BEAUTIFUL fall afternoon amongst their closets friends and family. The floral design was done by the VERY TALENTED Mark Gladden at MGladden Designs and as you can see with the starfish on the end of the isles, he did a great job keeping with the "beach" theme that Beth requested.

Liz and I had a great time with Beth and Evan and their families! (Especially those OSU fans that we met!)

Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jenkins-Hilj Wedding Massillon, Ohio - Sept. 27, 2008

My husband and I recently flew to Ohio to shoot my cousin's wedding...talk about PRESSURE!!! Shooting a wedding with 300 people in attendance and 100 of them are FAMILY!

We REALLY had a great time! The bride and groom were picture perfect, the bridal party was VERY animated, the weather was perfect and the church and reception site were SPECTACULAR!

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My new blog

Hello All,

Welcome to my new blog. I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and start a blog to keep you updated on what I have been up to every so often. 

I have one rule with this blog: every post will have at least one photo. That's why this is called a photo blog, right? Right.


So here I am taken by my favorite photographer during a recent seminar in Charleston.- Virgil Bunao

Check back to see us again here at the Young Photography Blog.