Sunday, September 17, 2017


I have done literally hundreds of weddings and I thought I have been exposed to every tradition there was, but I was wrong! 

One night, while on the golf course, Taylor "jumped the wrought iron gate" of Pine Lakes Country Club and buried a bottle of Bourbon in the place where he and his beautiful fiance, Molly were planning to exchange vows a few weeks later! 

After the ceremony on September 2, Taylor dug the bottle back up and the entire bridal party took a swig as good luck to the new married couple...the only thing they didn't anticipate was that there would be a FULL week of torrential downpours prior to the wedding day, and Taylor had a hard time finding and excavating the bottle! 

He finally found it, dug it up, and after wiping a few inches of mud off of the bottle, the groom and bride took the first sips... 

So for my FAVORITE WEDDING MOMENT...MOLLY's face after the taste hit her pallet! 

I think she is going to stick to Mic Ultra from now on! HA HA! 

Congratulations to Molly and Taylor!  Here's to many more (better tasting) traditions for the two of you!  

Lisa & Sommer

P.S.  Enjoy a "few" more of our favorite moments from their amazing day!

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Congratulations to Molly + Taylor 
9 . 2 . 17 

(Sneak peak coming soon!)