Wednesday, July 30, 2014

LYDIA is a TEENAGER! (ugh...)

So I am kind of in denial... 

Not only did I turn a number two months ago that I can't even bring myself to type, but my oldest daughter's birth certificate would indicate that she is officially a teenager... 

I feel like I am in a dream... 

Like I am seeing into my future, and yet, I am ACTUALLY in my future... 

The past 10 years went by in a flash and I am not sure how to slow down the next ten... 

Can anyone out there give me the instructions on how to slow down this process??? 

Anyone?!?!? ANYONE?!?!? BUELLER?!?!? (yes, I am an 80's child...) 

I guess all I can do is take one day at a time, enjoying each of the joys and challenges that being a mother can bring...LIVE IN THE MOMENT...Right? 

Well...even though I am "in denial"...I guess I can at least say: 


And here are a few pics from her SURPRISE PARTY!

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in pulling this off!  

It took ALL of our friends and family to get this making food and drinks, letting us borrow things to convert the backyard into "party central" and (as Lydia put it...) make it the "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!"

And thank you to the following for making the night so memorable:

-Ali Santiago for the AMAZING cake

-Fancy Flush and Flash/Carolinas Photobooth for the SUPER FUN PHOTOBOOTH

-Bridgette Brumfield for her beautiful tea and lemonade decanters

-Kyle Gore for the outdoor speaker to play our tunes

-Chris Lefever for the chaffing dishes, popcorn machine, out door movie screen, projector, fans to keep the bugs off, and generators to run it all!