Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meagan & Jason

It's not often that I get to shoot a wedding of someone I know, but about 6 months ago Meagan e-mailed me about shooting her wedding. I was so excited because there is quite a story behind it...

When my parents were having an "itch" to have another baby, they would help out in our church nursery, in the hopes that it would cure that itch. (AND IT DID!!! LOL!) While they were in there though, they made it a point to pray for all the babies, and among them was a little baby named "Meagan".

After getting to know Meagan's family, I began babysitting her. I know I am dating myself, but I began babysitting her when she was just 5 months old!

It has been amazing to see Meagan grow up into such a beautiful woman inside and out and get to watch her marry such a wonderful man! Many of you may recognize her husband's name, Jason McLeod, from the movies "Facing the Giants" and " Fireproof".

Meagan & Jason met when Jason came to her church in Spartanburg to speak. (One of the pics below actually has the church in the background.) They were married July 10th 2010 at the Duncan Estates in Spartanburg, SC.

It has been an absolute joy to work with you guys over the past 6 months and we look forward to watching you step into ministry together. We can't wait to see the future blessings that God has for you and your new life together!


Sommer & Jay