Sunday, July 21, 2019


We were honored to be present to capture the union of Carrie and Mark! 

Here in the south (and being by the ocean) a lot of our couples choose to do the "sand ceremony" to replicate the union of marriage instead of the more traditional "unity candle"...And since Carrie and Mark were uniting more than just themselves, their 5 kids were involved as well! 

It truly made for a sweet visual to see each of the kids adding their colored sand to the frame, and of course the vibrant colors were fabulous to photograph! 

It's easy to see why Carrie and Mark's Sand Ceremony was our favorite wedding moment! 

Congratulations to Carrie and Mark! 

We pray that your life together is like the sand...that it can never be separated! 

Lisa and Anna Lauren 

P.S. Here are just a "few" more of our favorite wedding moments!