Monday, March 28, 2016


THANK YOU TO ALL THAT CAME OUT TO MEET OUR 7 BUNNIES (yes I said 7 bunnies...) over the past few weeks!

We hope you all had a GREAT Easter!

The Young Bunny Family looks forward to seeing even more of you next year!

Lisa and Sommer

Sunday, March 6, 2016

"IMPROMPTU" Eng Session... Brittany + Austin

When I went to lunch at my sister-in-law's today, I had no idea the day would turn into such a FUN one!  

Not to say that it isn't ALWAYS fun at my sister-in-law's :) ...but today was EXTRA fun!

I found out that my niece and her amazing boyfriend had gotten engaged!!!!

So after a quick lunch, we jumped out to the "field" and did the easiest (literally 10 minute) engagement mini I have ever done! 

(Although, as you can see, it was an easy job with these two BEAUTIFUL people!)

CONGRATULATIONS Brittany and Austin!  I can't wait until the wedding!

"Aunt Lisa"  (man I feel old...)