Sunday, December 6, 2015


Call me sentimental, call me emotional, call me a mush...

But I had to fight back the tears AGAIN last weekend...

When Leslie's dad, Rob, came in to see her for the first time before he walked her down the isle to give her away to Justin, it really got to me.

I had a flash forward of Craig seeing Lydia dressed in a white dress getting ready to give her away to the love of her life...

There isn't much more I can say...

These photos say it all...

Hence, my Favorite Wedding Moment...

Ok, So along with sentimental, emotional and mushy...I am ALSO INDECISIVE!  Because I had a SECOND favorite wedding moment last weekend that I just HAD to share!

Leslie's little sister, Sydney, was her "MOH" (Maid of Honor for those of you who don't speak "wedding"...)  and of course among a variety of responsibilities, the MOH typically does a speech to the couple at the reception.  

But this little sister is not typical (which I LOVE) and invited her two brothers to join her at the center of the dance floor.  

Of course, this was no ORDINARY speech...this crew incorporated music which made this speech one of the most entertaining I have ever seen!  I wish at this point that I would have been the videographer, as I could have posted a video clip of the amazing singing and dancing of these three, but I think with the collage of photos below, you can at least see some of their classic moves!

FAVORITE MOMENT #2...The Interactive MOH Speech:

Congratulations to Leslie and Justin!  We wish you MANY more years of happy tears and singing and dancing!

Lisa and Rachel

P.S.  Here are a FEW more of our FAVORITES from the day!

Monday, October 26, 2015


The excitement, anticipation, and nervousness about your fiance' seeing you in your wedding gown for the first time is what most girls experience on their wedding day.

My wedding day was no different!   I was so excited for Craig to see me in the dress and veil for the first time as I walked down the isle to him... But that almost didn't happen... 

As I arrived to the church with my hair and makeup done, veil on, carrying my dress...Craig and his best man were walking across the parking lot! 

His best man did the first thing he could think of, and tackled him while covering his head with his sweatshirt so he wouldn't see me! 

This past Saturday, all of those excited, anticipatory and nervous feelings came rushing back as Sommer and I were shooting Candace and her bridesmaids outside of the church. 

We called Jonathan and told him we would be in front of the church and to call my phone before he approached the block so we could go inside...But I get his excitement, anticipation and nervousness got the best of him, because he forgot to call! 

All I remember is setting up the girl's for the next photo, and Candace yelled "THAT'S JONATHAN"! 

I looked over my shoulder to see Jonathan driving into the parking lot, and when I turned back around, the bridesmaids were huddled around Candace covering her head with their flowers and bodies, just like Craig's best man did to him 17 years ago! 

Hence, my favorite wedding moment...

Congratulations to Candace and Jonathan!

We wish you many more moments of excitement, anticipation and nervousness in your married life!

Lisa and Sommer

P.S.   Here are a few more of our favorites from the day: