Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jen and Walter 12-12-09

Jen and Walter had a perfect day on the twelfth of December as they exchanged vows at St. Micheal's Catholic Church in Surfside, SC. Although it was a bit chilly, these Colorado "natives" (I think you are a "native" after living through at least ONE winter there...) felt right at home!

The ALWAYS FABULOUS floral design was done by Mark Gladden and the reception was held at the timeless Ocean Club at the Grande Dunes. The food was, as always, superb and Jeff Benton did a fantastic job helping the croud get their "groove on" after the food was digested and the bar had been frequently visited!

But enough about the logistics of the actual wedding...for this day (as GORGEOUS as the details were) was more about the MARRIAGE than I have ever seen before!

I am finding it hard to find the words to describe this tremendous couple, as I feel like I have known them longer than just a few months. When Jennifer walked into my studio for our first consultation, I felt an immediate connection between us. So much so, that planning for her wedding over the past few weeks, we both agreed we would be new "BFFs"! (If only we lived in the same state! UGH!)

Walter and Jen have such a strong bond! I even have to admit that tears came to my eyes (who am I kidding...I was SOBBING!!!!) as the priest surprised them both by reading what each of them had written about what they loved about the other. (It brought me right back to my wedding day 11 years before...)

I really could go on and on about this sweet couple, but I know most of you just check out the blog for the pictures, so before you scroll below to see them, I just have to mention ONE more thing about Jen and Walter...Only SECOND to their love for each other, is their love for SOCCER...yes SOCCER!

Sommer and I got such a "kick" (no pun intended) out of watching Jen and Walter (I think it's called...) juggle around a soccer ball on the beach! (Dribble...juggle...something like that! I am only a "first year" soccer mom...haven't gotten to those "advanced" words yet! HA HA!)

I know you will think it's funny to see, but it was so appropriate for a soccer ball to play such an important role in their wedding day, as Jen and Walter first met in an Irish Pub during a season-end soccer party! How elegant Jen was as she kicked the ball in the air to her new husband! They are just SO FUN!

Sommer and I had such a wonderful time getting to know Jen and Walter as well as their friends and families! And we pray that just as they now play together on the same co-ed soccer team, that they always work as a team in their new life together so that every day will be a "win" for them.

Congratulations Dr. and Mrs. Beamer!

Lisa and Sommer

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Thankfully we have been busy in November and December. So busy we haven't been able to blog much. So we thought we would pick several of our shoots and post some pics: