Sunday, December 4, 2016


I just LOVE when there are little kids in a wedding!  

It always makes things so interesting when a flower girl or ring bearer's personality comes out during the event!

Jessica and Zach's ring bearer was NO DISAPPOINTMENT!  He was adorable all day, "running down the isle" at the beginning of the ceremony, and then entertaining the photographers during the family formals!

It truly makes our job so fun...

But there is more to this "FAVORITE WEDDING MOMENT" than just a cute little ring bearer...

You see, the parents of this sweet little boy are in the bridal party and also are no strangers to Sommer or me...

Recognize these two??

Three years ago, we were blessed to shoot THEIR wedding!

And if you recall...Even though there were no ring bearer...John entertained us instead! favorite wedding moment is that the "APPLE DOESN'T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE"...

 (Did I mention that John is Zach's brother-in- law???)


CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica and Zach!  Enjoy the rest of our "favorite moments" from their amazing wedding day!

Lisa and Sommer