Monday, January 2, 2017


I LOVE a good first kiss... 

And it is a BONUS when there are THREE "first kisses"! 

I think Cody wanted to be sure we didn't miss it! 

Hence my FIRST "favorite moment" from Christen and Cody's big day... 

 KISS #1!

KISS #2!!

KISS #3!!!

There is NOTHING that chokes me up more than a daddy dancing with his little girl...

One of my most cherished pictures is one of me dancing with MY dad at my aunts wedding when I was 4 years old...

And since we have two girls, I tear up every time Craig dances with them at school dances, family weddings and even in the kitchen when they are being silly!

So my SECOND "favorite moment" is when three of the groomsmen were dancing with their little girls all at the same time just after Christen danced with her dad and Cody danced with his mom!

My THIRD "favorite moment" is a "first" for us...

We have seen several bouquet throws hit chandeliers and even "bounce" off the ceilings, but NEVER have we seen a garter get stuck in the rafters! LOL!

CONGRATULATIONS to Christen and Cody!  

We are honored that you chose us to capture your day!

Lisa and Sommer

P.S.  Here are a "FEW" more of our favorites from the day!