Saturday, June 30, 2012

Darrin & Leigh Ann

I had the pleasure of capturing Darrin & Leigh Ann's wedding last Friday on June 22nd. Darrin and Leigh Ann are personal friends and Darrin is a NMB firefighter who works with my husband Jay. These are a few of my favorites. I had a great time and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day! 

Sommer, Jay & Amanda

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Favorite Wedding Moment - Lindsay + Adam

Last night Craig and I had the privilege of capturing Lindsay Bannon and Adam Smith's wedding.

It was so much fun to be part of their day, especially since I feel like through the wedding process, we have really gotten to know the two of them and have gained two more friends!

I have to admit, I was a little anxious about this wedding...

 #1 - Her best friend, Jessica, was Lindsay's Matron of Honor and Craig and I had the pleasure of shooting her wedding last year...Don't get me wrong...I LOVE shooting "friends weddings" but there is a certain amount of pressure that goes along with want to do as good a job as you did with the first wedding, but you want to make it "different" enough to feel special as well...

 #2 - Lindsay and Adam had 25...yes I said 25...bridal party people...I do my best before the wedding to memorize the names of the bridal party before I get there, find some trait on each person as I introduce myself to remember them by, and try to call them by name throughout the photo process...all I can say is that I drank a LOT of coffee that morning!

But as soon as Craig and I started shooting this AMAZING group of people, my anxiety was gone!

The guys and girls were ALL SO SWEET, made me feel right at ease, and everything went as smooth as silk!

But with 27 people and over 200 quests waiting, we had to work fast...

It was what I like to call "chaotic fun"...


So my "FAVORITE MOMENT" among the "fast paced, chaotic fun"...was this quiet moment when Adam kissed Lindsay on the forehead and I rememebered what and WHO this day was about...this BEAUTIFUL young husband and wife who are just beginning their life together...

May you have MANY more "quiet moments" together like these...


Lisa and Craig

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A GREAT Party with Carolina Entertainment!

June 9th was a very fun night!

After Whitney Martin and Derek Paschal were wed at Conway United Methodist church, we traveled to the "other side" of the waterway to party it up at the Marina Inn!

Bryan with Carolina entertainment did what he does best...

 He was "debonaire" as he talked with the longest married couple...

He was "entertaining" as he taught everyone to "wobble"...

And he was a true "DJ" as he read the crowd and spun the tunes that kept them on the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG!

Craig and I are excited to work with him and the "main man" of CE, Kyle this Saturday too!



 Lisa ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Favorite Wedding Moment - Ruthie + Jason

Sometimes the sweetest moments happen while I am giving directions during the bridal party pictures... 

I simply said, "now kiss"... and not only did Jason and Ruthie kiss, but Brandon leaned over and kissed his little girl... 

Then I said, "No...Bride and Groom kiss" and both couples kissed! 

Brandon (not the groom THIS time) kissed his bride Jessica...even though I did THEIR WEDDING LAST YEAR! 

It made for a really cute photo series...but sorry Rachel...didn't mean to leave you out! HA!

Love you all and Congratulations to the REAL bride and groom yesterday...Ruthie + Jason!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Favorite Wedding Moment - Whitney + Derek

Once in awhile, we get a couple who wants to see each other before the wedding, and we do what is called the "first look". 

The groom stands alone in a room or sanctuary with his back turned to the door, and he is instructed to not turn around until his bride tells him too. 

The bridesmaids and Whitney and Derek's moms were all peaking from the balcony, but besides Sommer and I with cameras clicking, you could hear a pin drop!

Whitney made Derek "suffer" just a little as she teased, "not yet...not yet..." and then finally touched his shoulder and told him to turn around...and then the tears flowed! 

They cried, then embraced, then giggled, then cried so was a very emotional moment and you can see why it was my FAVORITE from the day. :)

Congratulations to Whitney and Derek!  We wish you many years of tears, embraces, giggles and more tears of joy!

Lisa and Sommer

Fiona's Senior Session

Congratulations to Fiona who graduated this month and will be heading to Winthrop this fall!

Whitney Martin Bridal Session

Congratulations to Whitney Martin who was married this past Saturday to Derek Paschal at Conway Methodist Church.  Special thanks to Barry West, Della Ramsey, and Chad Nissen from Blossoms Events, Bryan Bullard from Carolina Entertainment and Merrill and his crew from Marina Inn for a FABULOUS Party!

 Wedding photos to follow!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Courtney + Joey (Myrtle Beach Engagements)

Between moving offices, school ending for our kids, and wedding season being in FULL SWING,  life's been a bit crazy.

Needless to say we are a bit behind on blogging, but Courtney and Joey and their dog, Lily, were so cute and fun to shoot that I wanted to post some of my favorites. 

Their wedding is just around the corner and I can't wait to capture their special day!


Ashley + Patrick [Conway Wedding Photographer]

Here are some of my favorite images from a recent session with Ashley and Patrick...they are SO photogenic and we had the most AMAZING lighting!

I can't wait for the wedding this October!