Monday, June 11, 2012

Favorite Wedding Moment - Whitney + Derek

Once in awhile, we get a couple who wants to see each other before the wedding, and we do what is called the "first look". 

The groom stands alone in a room or sanctuary with his back turned to the door, and he is instructed to not turn around until his bride tells him too. 

The bridesmaids and Whitney and Derek's moms were all peaking from the balcony, but besides Sommer and I with cameras clicking, you could hear a pin drop!

Whitney made Derek "suffer" just a little as she teased, "not yet...not yet..." and then finally touched his shoulder and told him to turn around...and then the tears flowed! 

They cried, then embraced, then giggled, then cried so was a very emotional moment and you can see why it was my FAVORITE from the day. :)

Congratulations to Whitney and Derek!  We wish you many years of tears, embraces, giggles and more tears of joy!

Lisa and Sommer

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1 comment:

Rebecca said...

It brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet way to capture this moment! You both are so gifted and what a gorgeous couple!