Sunday, June 2, 2013

Favorite Wedding Moment - Lane + David

My favorite moment at Saturday's wedding was one that happened AGAIN AND AGAIN throughout the night... 

Lane and David are so great together, that every time they were together, Lane giggled...I just loved to hear her giggle! 

I joke with my couples that they will need a "cheek massage" at the end of the night from smiling for me, but I have to say that after spending the day with Lane, David and their friends and family, I WAS THE ONE THAT NEEDED THE CHEEK MASSAGE! 

 It's not hard to see how contagious Lanes laugh is and it is evident that David is the one that makes her the happiest! 


We wish you MANY years of laughter together! 

Lisa and Sommer

Enjoy a few more sneak peaks from Lane and David's Day! (you can still "hear" Lane's giggle in most of these too!)

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