Sunday, May 26, 2013

Favorite Wedding Moment - Megan + Blake

I know that the photo below doesn't seem like it would be a "favorite moment" especially since Megan and Blake's wedding last week was a GORGEOUS event at Prince George, but this photo is way more than just a snap shot of 6 people... 

You see, the photo below is Megan with her new husband, her brother Drew with his wife Becky, and her sister Elaine with her husband Mike. 

Again, I know you are thinking, "How could this be a 'favorite moment'? It's just a cute picture of 3 siblings and their spouses." 

But there is something VERY special about these 6 people...All three couples are military (Megan's brother is in the Navy, here sister is a Marine, Megan's brother-in-law is also in the Navy and Blake (the groom) just joined the Air Force!).  With all of them coming from different states, and two of them just coming back from deployment in different countries, they weren't 100% positive that they would all be at this wedding to take this photo together! 

So back to the reason that this is MY favorite moment...I am also one of 3 kids and I am really close to my brothers (and their wives) and when I snapped this photo during the reception last weekend, I get teary-eyed thinking of a photo that I have like it of the 6 of us...I treasure that photo more than I can tell you and hope that Megan will cherish this one of her siblings and spouses too.

Congratulations to Megan and Blake and especially on this holiday weekend, I want to thank all three couples for their service! 

Lisa and Amanda 


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