Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stacy + Chuck Wedding Garden City, SC

Stacy Kline and Chuck Childers are a perfect match! They are constantly smiling, giggling, laughing and even singing when they are together...yes, I did say SINGING!

They sang the entire song to each other during their first dance, and I know that isn't too unusual, but as Dj Marino (www.djmarino.net) said, "In all my years, I have NEVER had a couple dance their first dance to Tesla's 'What You Give' let alone SING every word!" They are true 80's ROCKERS and genuinely have fun together!

Their wedding was held at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Garden City, SC (www.saintmichaelsc.org/) and the reception was at the Breakers in Myrtle Beach (www.breakers.com). In between the two, we headed to Surfside Pier, one of their favorite spots on the beach for some fun bridal party shots as the sun-bathers hooped and hollered at the gorgeous couple! We had a great time with everyone and we want to wish Stacy and Chuck many years of "Rockin'" together!


Lisa and Casey

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