Monday, January 21, 2013


Lyndsey and Nick had a FABULOUS day Saturday at Old Wide Awake Plantation in Hollywood, SC!

The weather was perfect and the atmosphere terrific!

Lyndsey's gorgeous dress, the vintage bridesmaids' dresses, the colorful wine bottles cut into candle votives, the broaches in Lyndsey's bouquet and on top of the was all amazing!

Now to my favorite moment from the day...

Everything was going smoothly...the ceremony started on time, the tears of joy flowed as Lyndsey walked down the isle with her dad, the vows were perfect, and the Plantation Singers serenaded us as Lyndsey and Nick walked down the was all so smooth...

...until Lyndsey's twin brother Joe realized that he had forgotten to go back down the isle to escort "Grams"! He RAN down the isle, scooped her arm into his and then SMACKED himself on the head! I had to muffle my laughter!  Such a funny moment! 

Here are a few more sneak peaks that I just couldn't keep from showing! ENJOY!

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