Saturday, May 28, 2011

Myrtle Beach Kids Photography - Sean, Anna Rose + CW

I am so lucky to have married into a large family! Craig is one of 7 and Nanny and Poppy's house is NEVER quiet...lately, it has been no exception!

Craig's older sister, Sonja, her husband, Patrick and their "ever-growing" and beautiful family have been here for the past few weeks, and we have TRULY enjoyed having them around. They are moving to Georgia due to Patrick's new job, and I don't want them to leave! (We have PLENTY of land out here to build a house for you all too in the "Young Compound"...just sayin'...)

Anyway...I am getting side-tracked as usual...

I had the pleasure of shooting their oldest, Sean, for his senior portraits a few weeks ago, and then his baby sister, Anna Rose, was born and I got to do her 1 week pictures! Craig-Weston, their middle child, is the sweetest and most energetic 2-year old, and he was of course there for both sessions too. I just LOVED catching him being the "little brother" as well as the "big brother"!

Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites as much as I enjoyed capturing them!

Love, Lisa

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