Friday, June 4, 2010

Erin + Peter - Hilton Head Wedding

Facebook is such a phenomenon! It keeps us in contact with people that we might not bea able to otherwise due to our ever-changing crazy lives! Erin Roth, the beautiful bride that Craig and I were privileged to shoot on May 22, 2010, is one of those people.

Several years ago (I am not saying how many...) Erin and I were Residence Assistants at Butler University together, attempting to keep the Freshman girls in our hall in line! (well...attempted is the operative word! And yes, for all of you who didn't know of little ol' BU until the recent NCAA Basketball Championship, Erin and I are PROUD to say we are Butler Bulldogs!)

(But I digress...)

After graduating from Butler, I moved to Colorado and then to South Carolina...All the while, Erin finished up her undergrad and headed to law school. Like most of us "independent career-oriented college graduates" I didn't keep in touch with many people from Butler.

But a few years ago when Facebook became the media powerhouse that it is, Erin and I were re-connected! Erin and Peter had been following our blog-posts and picture uploads on Facebook and when they found out we were available, they invited Craig and I to Hilton Head to shoot their wedding...and I truly mean "invited," even though we were "hired." Craig and I felt so much like a part of the family that it didn't feel like work at all!

Just look through the pictures below and you will see why...
Erin's sister and mom getting her ready...
Erin and Peter "Vogue-ing" it out!

Erin and her dad walking through the dunes to the serene beach-front ceremony...

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana, a dear friend of Peter's, agreed to marry them...

Erin's laugh is infectious, and Peter can truly bring it out of her!

I wish we had this kind of drift wood in Myrtle Beach! I almost had Craig talked into coming back for this one in the dark...but he just wouldn't do it!

The lush Hilton Head Island vegetation just can't be beat! It was like Craig and I were on a tropical vacation!

Peter's best man and his wonderful wife graciously hosted the party at their beach house.
Ok...I know...I like the kissing shots! I just realized how many I posted in this blog...but doesn't Erin and Peter look great kissing?!?!

After several attempts to do a slow shutter speed heart with the glow sticks, we resorted to this:
Then we had some fun with all of the glow sticks we could find :)

We want to thank Erin Roth and Peter Rusthoven again for "inviting" us to shoot their wedding, giving us a little weekend get-away! Congratulations!

Lisa and Craig

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Beverly said...

Love your Erin and Peter photos!!! Beautiful photography!