Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lily turned 6 years old a few days ago and had her first slumber party! Just two of her closest friends and her sister made up the party, but it was a sweet time! After the family came over for some cake and ice cream and to open her gifts, the girls (and Tripp) played Ponies, Barbies and got their nails painted before going to bed at an "early" 10pm! (Just to clarify...Tripp did NOT get his nails painted and went to bed at 9pm!)

The next morning as the sun was coming up, Lydia woke everyone up and after a WONDERFUL breakfast of toast with holes cut out and an egg cooked in the middle, bacon, orange rolls and cinnamon rolls prepared by my WONDERFUL husband, the kids all watched "Camp Rock"! (Tripp knows all the songs!)

Happy Birthday Lily-bug! We love you!
Love, Mom and Dad

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1 comment:

Mark Staton said...

The Happy Birthday girl looks so cute.